At last a new “first”… my first Noosa Blog!!!

Welcome to my very first blogging experience… I am hoping this will be fun for me… and naturally for you too!   If you don’t already know… I am Diana Pound, I live in Noosa and have been selling lovely homes and apartments there for the past 20 years or so.

I grew up under the drab grey skies of London in the UK, my Australian parents fed our imaginations with stories of wide sandy beaches and crystal clear water all sparkling under a blistering blue sky.  My earliest memory is digging a tunnel in our damp green garden trying to reach Australia at the bottom of the world!

I gave  up digging and started chipping away at my parents… eventually the planets aligned and all was good in the world… at least for me… we returned to the land of creepy crawlies, a weird collection of cousins and the soft Irish lilt of my aging grandmother.

Sydney was a whirlwind of school, university, wild parties and lots of firsts, first job, first home, first tastes of life’s delicacies.   Then suddenly I was caught in my own little whirlwind, I found myself whisked overseas… battling loneliness and the unfathomable Chinese language, I reinvented myself, found a job and learnt to love the back alleys of Hong Kong with its ancient tea houses and fragrant street stalls.

Noosa had become the focal point of my yearning for home… the block of land we had bought in the 80’s was beckoning… we built a house on the edge of the rain forested creek by fax and dispatches of progress photos.

Finally, like so many others who have chosen this special place to live .. I have found a place that fills my lungs with clean fresh air, an unsullied green backdrop of hills, National Park and the wide sunny beaches of my childhood dreams.

This blog is my way of sharing the things about living in Noosa that make it so special, a way of metaphorically pinching myself so I don’t take it for granted.

I hope it will inspire you to visit… to linger…  even to stay and make it your home too.

About Di @ Century 21

Happy, chirpy, licensed real estate agent located in Noosa Heads. If I am not in the office ... I am out and about ... but can always be reached on my mobile or email. I love to travel & have a network of friends who do too! I often pet sit for them when I am in Noosa. I am also an Airbnb host extraordinaire - having travelled the world as an airbnb guest and hosted my own home I am well qualified to share my expertise - if you need a host to run your holliday home as a boutique airbnb offering let me know.
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    Tops 🙂

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