Harbour Side Catchup

I live in Queensland these days but often return to Sydney to visit family and friends. I went to school at Kirribilli and have fond memories of swimming carnivals down on the Harbour’s edge. It dawned on me that I had never been to Luna Park – all those years of travelling in and around Sydney Harbour and not one visit to this icon of fun and frivolity!

Last weekend I decided to fix this hole in my cultural heritage by enlisting a couple of friends to meet at Luna Park for lunch on Saturday.   I arrived a little early with my partner in crime on the ferry from Circular Quay and was thrilled with the buzz of revelers converging on the gaping smile of the Clown face. There were dance troupes, family groups, wedding parties and gaggles of children all chattering with excitement and laughter. We found the entrance to The Deck – the restaurant that had been selected for our food fest –  from within Luna Park and made our way past it to explore the fun fair and its rides. I let my companion select the rides as he is an old hand at theme parks – the Wild Mouse looked tame enough from where I was standing.. it wasn’t until we were sandwiched between a group of tweenagers squealing about how scary their previous ride had been that I started to feel a little unease… as we got closer to the tiny little cars and watched an over sized father and son squished into the compact carriage I felt the prickling of fear punctuated by the encouragement of the small girl behind me who had been studying my growing dread with obvious delight.

I was grateful to be able to wrap my arms around my companion. I am not sure he was quite so thrilled as I screamed my way around the roller coaster in very close proximity to his ear. It was certainly an adrenalin rush and I am so glad to have done it – but I think the next time I get to choose it will be the pretty carousel!  It has been a few days since I got home and now my voice is almost back!

We made our way back to The Deck where our booking was held and were guided to a wonderful table by the concertina windows opening out to the Harbour. We had the perfect perch to watch our friend’s ferry weave its way across the water from Balmain. The service was attentive and efficient, the staff charming and accommodating. We were in no hurry to leave as this was a rare interstate catch up with friends, after a couple of well executed entrees and main meals, a few more drinks and a couple of coffees our patient waitress was gracious in splitting the bill.

All in all a wonderful afternoon in a wonderful location!

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