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This is another first … well kind of… I have done silly diets and paid for gym memberships I was never going to use, well I guess we have all done that!

I have been thinking about pulling my finger out for some time and taking control of my expanding waistline, I did manage to get quite trim last summer but somehow the lure of quick easy snacks and cosy corners with the papers put paid to my walking programme.

I was approached recently by a friend of a friend looking for someone to help promote her health coaching business  … a stick insect was obviously not going to make good camera fodder… so I accepted the challenge and let the food nazi  invade my pantry with her rather dishy camera man.  It was with great sadness that I watched the pile of untouchables grow and the groaning shelves bounce back to embrace the sugar free, preservative free, light weight grain free alternatives.

My initial horror was relived when they insisted on opening the fridge.   The fridge has for years been my sanctuary… the crammed shelves of my parent’s two door monolith a not so distant memory, recreated in my own smaller way with my own modern edifice to convenience.   My eyes pricked with tears as the wedge of blue costello was cast out into the ever growing mountain of “not allowed” ( I had fought off the competition in Coles cold food section to get my hands on that last discounted piece of creamy blue cheese!!!)

My teary sighs were soon forgotten with the promise of a shopping spree at the Forest Glen Organic Food Mecca.

My empty pantry shelves are now adorned with healthy nuts, fruits and spices galore.  The fridge has the appearance of a green grocers and I am starting to cook again… from scratch!!

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